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Insurance Buyers

Clear Vision Services

"Insurance is confusing and I don't understand a word my agent says!"  Or, "I can't believe that after all of the premiums I have paid, the first claim I have is denied."

If these statements sound familiar, we can help.  We are not insurance sales people and take an altruistic, unbiased view of your risk exposures and insurance solutions.  We have the background, knowledge and ability to:

  • Act as your insurance department
  • Provide an objective analysis of your exposures
  • Provide a clear and understandable review of your current insurance program
  • Design an insurance program that meets your goals and objectives
  • Create your insurance specifications for submission to your insurance broker for proper quotations
  • Analyze the proposals submitted by your broker and provide written recommendations
  • Review the insurance policies placed by your broker to assure compliance with your insurance specifications
  • Manage changes to the insurance portfolio and work with the insurance broker to effect these modifications
  • Review your contracts, leases and other business agreements from a risk perspective and provide recommendations
  • Work with your service providers, tenants (or landlords), contractors or sub-manufacturers to confirm compliance with your business agreements.
  • Review and analyze claims and coverages prior to submission and manage during the adjusting process
  • Review new acquisitions, product lines and sales territory


  • Objective and proper use of your insurance budget
  • Better understanding of risk transfer and risk retention
  • Properly designed insurance portfolio to meet your needs

We work with our clients to their complete and total satisfaction.

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