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Our team of auditors are approved by most E & O insurance carriers, including Westport.

Insurance Agents & Brokers

Best in Class Agency Development

Every agency is looking to increase revenue and retain a higher percentage of their clients.  In order to do so, the agency must identify and correct weak points in your sales and service teams and "broker-proof" their accounts.  Some of the projects that clients have asked us to perform:

  • Coverage analysis for current client
  • Analyze exposures and current coverage's for prospective new account
  • Audit your book of business and identify missing or coverage deficiencies
  • Perform a large account review that incudes risk analysis, current coverage's and possible coverage enhancements to broker-proof the account
  • Provide specific training for professional development
  • Assist in new product or coverage line development
  • Audit your transactional methods and processes and provide an analysis of corrections
  • Mentor your producers and service members with their technical and sales skills


  • Increased sales
  • Reduced account churning and account raiding by other brokers
  • Increased account retention
  • Reduced Errors & Omissions loss potential


Professional Development Tools 

To gain access to the best clients and produce higher fees and commissions,  your sales and services teams must have the technical skills and tools to command their attention.  We can provide you with the following:

  • Professional proposal templates, customized to your needs
  • Coverage summaries and terminology
  • Exposure review forms your producers can use
  • Submission specifications by line of coverage and/or type of business
  • File review support forms for your service staff
  • Technical training for your sales and service teams


  • Higher level of professional sales and service
  • Improved efficiency
  • More sales time
  • Increased sales


Errors & Omissions Loss Control

The best thing an agency can do is risk manage their own risk.  A benefit of proactively increasing professional standards is a reduction in E & O exposure.  Unfortunately, you can do everything right and still become a litigation target.  If the worst happens, once you shake off that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, call us.  We can help you work with your E & O insurance carrier and attorney, at the start of litigation and actively assist in seeking proper defense strategies.  If the issue cannot be resolved, our experts can work directly with your legal counsel as a standard of care expert witness.  We can:

  • Review your E & O loss control measures
  • Provide specific solutions for exposure reduction
  • Assist with implementation of loss controls
  • Act as an agency advocate or expert witness
  • Act as coverage consultant and standard of care in tandem with legal counsel 


  • Strengthened protection against E & O claims
  • Reduced staff time relating to documentation collection and review
  • Identified defense strategies
  • Best possible claim resolution

We work with our clients to their complete and total satisfaction.

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